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About Us

Sara investment Company registered in 2011 and has been established with aim analysis market of investment and give you very good suggestions .
Our company created a favorable investment contexts in the Middle East, especially Iran, Relative to attract investment from all countries of the world and to transfer the funds to the appropriate action to investing in the Middle East.
In the wake of general policies of the Iranian government and economic developments in the region and emerging economy requires the infrastructure investments in various industries, basic industries, including residential and non-residential building construction, transport and energy.

Sara Investment Co. Institute is an association of Iran. Sara Investment, including mutual funds, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFS) and unit investment trusts (UITs). ICI seeks to encourage adherence to high ethical standards, promote public understanding, and otherwise advance the interests of funds, their shareholders, directors, and advisers.

With Iran’s rise as a regional and international economic power with lots of comparative and competitive advantages and the new historic role in envisaged for contribution of private sector in the national economy, the country is mostly focused on transfer of high technology, modern managerial skills, higher local completion and new export markets in the context of its foreign investment promotion program to assists in forming and efficient and sound coalition between the local private sector and foreign investors. However, any potential foreign investor requires valid, reliable and update information on overall business and investment environment, governing rules and regulations, government policies and approaches toward foreign investments along with any relevant and useful information assisting for making decision on choosing the most appropriate business structure in form of subsidiary, joint ventures or wholly owned company.

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