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1. Is there a need for an application form to be attached for regular investment?
Yes, There is an application form Which is attached. Regular investment plans falls within the definition of making available of units and it is not an excluded offer.
2. What is Structured Investment in sara investment company?
Structured Investments can come in many forms, but it is typically a funded investment product which is a combination of a deposit and an embedded derivative element, which gives a risk exposure to a class of assets, to deliver the enhanced return (relative to ordinary time deposit products) for that Structured Investment.
The return to investors is dependent on the performance of the chosen asset class, such as equity indices, equities, interest rates, fixed income instruments, foreign exchange rates, commodities or combinations of these. If the asset class performs in the way expected under the terms of the embedded derivative, it will deliver the payoff which brings the enhanced return intended for that Structured Investment.
3. What is the purpose of investing in Sara Investment company?
The purpose of investing in Sara Investment co. is to provide investors with the potential opportunity to earn a higher return, as explained above. Structured Investments come with different risk levels and can be principal guaranteed (where the design of the Investment seeks to prevent the Investor from losing any principal amount invested) as well as non-principal guaranteed (where the design of the Investment does not necessarily prevent the Investor from losing any principal amount invested, usually in return for enhanced return for taking on a higher risk factor).
4. What objectives are to be achieved investing in sara investment company?
The main objectives are:
• Enhancing economic growth in Iran and middle east;
• Increasing employment opportunities;
• Access to and development of new technologies and managerial skills;
• Upgrading quality of products and boosting export capabilities.
5. Under what legal or contractual framework, foreign investment may be admitted in Iran?
Foreign investment in Iran is admitted under all forms of legal participation and/or contractual arrangements. we mean the contractual arrangements all forms of project financing methods within the framework of civil participation, buy back arrangements, and different types of Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) schemes.
6. In what sectors investment is permissible in sara co. ?
investment is permissible in all areas open to Iranian private sector.
7. Is there a ceiling for foreign investment in sara co. ?
There is no minimum and maximum for foreign investment in respect of percentage of shareholding, nor is any restriction on the amount of investment for foreign investment in Iran and middle east.
8. Is foreign investment permissible in oil and gas upstream activities?
Foreign investment in oil and gas upstream activities within the framework of contractual arrangements is permissible, but Foreign Direct Investment in such areas is not permitted.
9. Is it permissible to use foreign trade marks and names in foreign

Application of trade marks and names is permissible in all areas of economic activity and you can sell your products with own brand in Iran and the Middle East.


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