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Important reasons for investment in Iran

Important reasons for investment in Iran

1- Being located on the Silk Road

2- There are numerous ways the country communication

3- easy access to numerous markets in the region (Middle East, neighboring Commonwealth and ….

4- existence rich mineral resources (raw materials)

5- The use of cheap labor

6- Improving economic conditions, political stability and risk reduction

7- tax policy (tax exemptions and discounts)

8- lower trade barriers and tariffs reasonable

9- - the infrastructure, low cost of fuel and energy

10- Having natural resource, fertile soil and ...

11 - growing economy in recent years despite sanctions

12 - economy with a bright future to become a fast growing economy in between the regional countries

13 - Most young people in the region

14 - young, dynamic and educated jobseekers

15 - The development infrastructure in information technology , the Internet and the development of Telecommunications and Energy

16 - There are many different means of transportation on land, sea and air contact us

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