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The privacy in Sara investment company

The privacy in Sara investment company

Because of security and privacy and the protection of customer data, and secure access to financial data expressed the highest degree of importance, are three important principles to ensure the privacy, the accuracy of content, and the reliability of, in the opinion were.
(1) All transactions and financial relationships with their owners, control, protect, store, transmit and receive secure access. And the information without the owner's permission is not allowed.
(2) the creation and maintenance of content authenticity and integrity of information must be given the possibility to customize the The privacy our customers to be considered.
(3) access and share information through digital signatures and the process of certification of financial need, to prevent unauthorized alterations in the content of sensitive financial information taken.
Security Requirements
Although some security and The privacy requirements depend, to some of the most important cases are mentioned below:
1- method, such as digital signatures and encryption, to prevent denial of information by those involved in the service.
(2) the information must preserve the unity and integrity in the sense of precision, accuracy and consistency of their data and unauthorized tampering, stay safe.
(3) periodically to ensure the accuracy of performance, security and compliance issues are considered, by experts, to be audited.
(4) backup copies of the data, based on certain rules must be done.
(5) security controls required when an employee of the company, be modified or be expelled from the organization, apply to unsolicited or unauthorized disclosure or modification of the system have been averted.
(6) Digital signatures provide a useful tool for authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation is. Should the identity of the signer to eavesdropping, etc., need to be protected.
(7) servers must be kept in secure locations to securely control access to them are done.
(8) Access and is based on a set of checks or role-based policies and practices are shaped features.

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