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Switzerland after economic ties with Iran

Switzerland after economic ties with Iran
TEHRAN, Sep. 23 (MNA) – Switzerland has expressed its readiness to develop economic ties with Iran.
In a meeting hosted by Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) Wolfgang Amadeus Bruelhart, head of Middle East and North Africa division of federal department of foreign affairs in Switzerland, met with Hossein Noghrekar Shirazi the secretary General of ICCIMA and said, “we hope that a delegation from Switzerland will soon arrive in Tehran to further develop economic relations with Iran. But first, a final agreement needs to be reached in Iran’s nuclear talks with the G5+1 for successful ties to be developed.”
In regard to Switzerland’s plan to compete with its other European rivals to have ties with Iran, Bruelhart stated, “Swiss products are of high quality and we have extensive cooperation with Iran in the field of medicine and food.”
“Switzerland has played a significant role in Iran’s nuclear talks and attempted to have further cooperation with Iran in the economic field, particularly food and medicine,” he said. “On the other hand, we have also received proposals from Iran for joint ventures, but everything depends on November and the outcome of nuclear negations.”
Hossein Noghrekar Shirazi also said, "about 7 years ago, we had planned to transfer gas to Switzerland via Turkey but due to some problems posed by the Turkish government, the negotiations did not come to a conclusion. But now Iran is ready to start a new round of negotiations with Switzerland and reach a final agreement on oil, gas and petrochemical projects."
“We are eager to have Switzerland as a neutral country in Iran’s nuclear program and engage them in economic projects,” he went on saying. “Therefore, we have provided trilateral ventures with Switzerland in various fields. Iran’s market is collaborating with 15 other markets in the neighboring countries, 12 of which are related to oil and gas.”
“Iran has 9 gas pipes, 3 of which are international,” Noghrekar Shirizi elaborated, “we are attempting to transfer gas to some European countries, but first we require joint ventures and hope that Switzerland is ready to agree to our proposals.”
"We are cooperating with neighbor countries to the Caspian Sea in the field of oil and gas products and we have constructed the ninth pipeline for this reason," he added.
Noghrekar Shirazi maintained that “we expect Switzerland to remain neutral in Iran’s nuclear issue and take effective steps in the direction of providing services such as banking and insurance.”

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