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Oil & Gas

The substantial rise in energy prices in the mid-2000s attracted many investors seeking aggressive growth and profits in the oil and gas industry.

The Iran’s Unique Position in terms of hydrocarbon reserves is as follows:
1. Iran is endowed with 155 billion barrels of oil equivalent to 10.9% of the global oil reserves.
2. Iran owns 18% of the global natural gas reserves equal to 34 TCM of natural gas.
3. Iran’s current exploration projects will lead to a considerable increase in the country’s oil and gas reserves.
4. Presently, 62 onshore oil fields,16 offshore oil fields,20 onshore gas fields, and 2 offshore gas fields are in operation in Iran.
5. 26% of hydrocarbon reserves and 50% of natural gas reserves are located across Iran’s common borders with its neighbors.
petrochemical industry
petrochemical industry founded in 1964 which is own by Iran Government. Petrochemical industry, as a global industry, plays a special role in Iran’s economy and is considered as the first exporter in the country as well as the second producer in the Middle East. committed to maintain and upgrade its place according to the country’s 20-year Vision Plan for 2025. To this end,reaching a production capacity of over 100 million tons through implementing developmental projects with an investment of 40 billion dollars has been set as the goals of the next 5-year Development Plan of the country’s petrochemical industry. This company believes that the most appropriate strategy for such development is participation of private/nongovernmental investors.
Quantity goals of the 5th five-year development plan (2011-2015)
• Number of top prioritized petrochemical projects: 69
• Required total investment: 498,000 billion Iranian Rials
• Total capacity: 117 million tons
• Production rate: 90 million tons
• Value of salable products: 44 billion Dollars

Qualitative objectives and policies
• Establishment giant petrochemical facilities on the southern borderline to easily accessing international markets.
• Utilization of optimized gas sources instead of oil as feedstock for petrochemical complexes.
• Increasing the share of nongovernmental investment in petrochemical industry.
• Applying and development new technologies in petrochemical industry.
• Establishment joint venture petrochemical facilities and service companies with right foreign companies.
• Increasing the utilization of ethane and natural gas in petrochemical facilities.
• Implementation new petrochemical complexes using methane and ethane as feedstock near the South Pars Special Economic Energy Zone to reduce expenses of transportation.
 strategic goals pivoting around its developmental/sovereign role
• Development to achieve the country’s 20-year Vision Plan.
• Increasing Petrochemical industry share in non-oil export.
• Sustainable development of petrochemical industry through Strengthening and completing value chain with a concentration expanding supplementary industries.
• Optimizing the use of local facilities and capabilities.
• Utilizing comparative-competitive advantages of local and foreign less-developed regions and special economic zones as well as free-trade zones (Chabahar, Kish, Queshm, Sarakhs, Lavan and …)
• Preparing the necessary grounds for local and foreign investment

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